Why I Have Political Aspirations Despite It All

3 Apr

American politicians are without a doubt the most criticized group of individuals in the world. Not a day goes by without scandals breaking loose or media stories mocking a legislator’s opinion. The President and other top politicians are bashed more often and by more people than even our society’s many celebrity failures.

Add that to the fact that politicians have incredibly stressful jobs in which they really accomplish relatively little, and politics seems like an idiotic career choice. Who would ever want a job that consisted of nothing but debating public policy, getting bashed by the media, and rarely, if ever, seeing your ideas come to fruition? One of my friends always says “Anyone smart enough to be President is smart enough NOT to be President”, and I think that applies pretty roundly to all of politics.

And yet despite all of that, one of my life goals is to hold national political office. In fact, I intend to run for a state legislature seat within the decade, probably when I am around the age of 25, maybe even younger. And I have plans to start working on a political blog within a few months.

While the job of a politician may not be easy, and being hated by at least half of the population of the United States doesn’t sound fun, entering the world of politics is something more people should consider for several reasons:

  • Public Service: The biggest reason to become a politician is that it is a big time public service. As I’ve mentioned several times already, the job of a politician isn’t easy or fun, and few people want to do it. By serving as a politician, you are filling a necessary role, whether it is in your town or on the national level. As someone who has always been big about doing public service, this is an important part of why I plan on one day running for office.

  • Make an Impact: Politicians are in a unique position in terms of being able to make a real impact within their domain. While American politicians (thankfully) aren’t all that powerful in comparison to politicians throughout history, they still do have big impacts in our everyday lives. By being on of them, it is possible to make a huge impact on your community and country.

  • Build Credibility: And on a slightly more selfish note, holding a political office of any kind is a way to build up a huge amount of professional credibility.

Now, this is a personal finance and lifestyle blog, so you may be wondering why in the heck I’m bothering to talk about this. I decided to write this article for several reasons. For one, even though we are currently in a political “offseason”, I want to encourage you to become more involved in politics. Most of our population’s distinctly negative attitude towards politics means that very few participate these days, so progress can’t really ever be made. Running for office is without a doubt one of the best ways to get involved.

The other reason that I wrote this post is that I wanted to highlight why this is one of my personal goals. I believe that goals, especially ones that aren’t so easily achieved, are incredibly important to living a fulfilling life. My political aspirations came about for several reasons. For one thing, I absolutely love being in leadership positions. Giving speeches, inspiring people, and delegating are some of my biggest skills, so leadership is something that has always come naturally to me. I’ve also always been fascinated by government and politics. I’ve spent more hours in my days talking politics than I care to admit, with everyone from my family members to the Assistant Secretary of Education of the US. Those two things combine to make this personal goal of mine a huge priority for my future.

Without goals, life is meaningless. It is impossible to be satisfied with the life you are living if you aren’t striving for something, and that is why I highly advocate that anyone and everyone set goals of all sorts. Besides my career goals, I also set myself plenty of fitness goals. Physical fitness is one of the greatest goals you can have in my opinion.

So in conclusion, set goals. Especially when it comes to your career. And I can’t encourage you enough to make some of those goals political.

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  1. eemusings April 11, 2013 at 3:11 am #

    I can’t say I have any political aspirations myself, but I admire your drive!

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