Will I Ever Retire?

17 Aug

This is an interesting question, and one that is definitely a bit premature for someone my age. But will I ever retire? I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately. It’s a question that may seem odd coming from a 19 year old, however I think it’s very important to ask it at this age.

Why? Because it helps me to plan out the entirety of the rest of my life. It helps me determine what kind of career I will have. Will I have a career that I can still perform at 70 years old? Will I love what I do enough to keep it up when I’m that old?  Will I make enough money to retire early? Will I get bored if I do retire? Those are all very important questions to ask. Some of them can be answered with tools like aviva retirement, while others require deep personal thought and introspection. My retirement choices are long ways off, but I am thinking about them and planning for them now.

Honestly, I don’t see myself ever fully “retiring”. When I say that, I mean I will always be working in some capacity. Whether it is working a 60 hour a week job or simply sitting on the board of a non profit, I will be doing something to contribute to society my entire life. I’ve always been a big believer in making this world as good of a place as possible, so I will always be doing something to make sure I contribute.

With that said, my definition of retirement is simply different than others. In my opinion, being retired means that you no longer NEED to work because you have as much money as you need for your entire life and then some. My plan is to amass money like I was going to retire early. Hopefully, I’ll be totally financially independent within the next decade. After that though, I will continue to work. I’m a life long entrepreneur, and I constantly have ideas for businesses I want to start.

So once I’m financially independent, I’ll continue to work on my businesses. Specifically, I’ll always be running some sort of blog, I’ll always be doing youth speaking, and I’ll likely always be running some sort of other operation. I also have thoughts of dabbling in politics later in life, as I’ve always liked political debate and think I could be good at it.

So will I ever retire? Probably not. But will I be able to anytime I want to? Absolutely.

2 Responses to “Will I Ever Retire?”

  1. Liquid August 18, 2013 at 3:17 am #

    I want to reach that level of financial security too some day :D Retirement for me is to quit working and spend all my free time doing the things I want to do. I agree that we have to keep ourselves occupied. It’s not only good to help society whenever we can, but its also good for our mental health. Your definition of retirement sounds similar to financial independence :) Do you make a distinction between the two terms?

    • James August 19, 2013 at 7:57 am #

      To me, they are essentially the same. I know some people don’t agree with that, but that is how I define when I will be “retired” as well as “financially independent”.

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