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Eight Week Fitness Challenge Wrap Up

13 Mar

Just over eight weeks ago, I started something that I have very much enjoyed. Essentially, it was a fitness challenge to get into the best shape possible in eight weeks. The goals were to burn fat and build muscle, and I went about it by keeping to a strict diet and exercise program. You can [...]

My Body Hacking Experiment

10 Jan


It’s the time of year again when gym memberships spike. When Costco starts stocking fitness equipment and personal trainers are stuffing their bank accounts. This is of course because of New Year’s resolutions, as people say they will finally shed those extra pounds or get in better shape. Sadly, very few people actually see these [...]

The Number One Way to Save Money

3 Nov


There are, of course, lots of different ways to save money. These ways are often debated as far as which one is the best, and there is definitely merit to those arguments. However, I am here to tell you that there is one way to save money that is very clearly the most effective. Not [...]