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The High Risk Investment Portfolio

1 Nov

High Risk Investments

Some of us like to have more fun with our investments than a medium or low risk portfolio allows for. That or we’re just more willing to lose money in the search for crazy profits. I am one of those that likes to take a bit more risk with my investment portfolio, although that is [...]

Roll Like a Banker: Peer to Peer Lending

22 Oct


Banking is a brilliant business. People hand a bank all of their money, which the bank then lends out to others. Those people pay them a nice chunk of interest each month to use the money. When the person who initially gave them their money wants it back, the bank gives it to them with [...]

The Medium Risk Investment Portfolio

15 Oct

medium risk investing

For some people, a low risk investment portfolio just isn’t going to cut it. They want more potential for big gains in their portfolio, and don’t need the same level of stability that a portfolio made up mostly of bonds offers. However, they don’t want to go crazy and risk losing all of their money, [...]

The Low Risk Investment Portfolio

5 Oct

low risk investments

Investing your hard earned dough can be a tough thing for many people. Especially considering the recent financial collapse, the uncertainty of the future of the US dollar, the situation in Europe, and everything else happening in our world, it can be tough to justify putting your money into something that could make it disappear. [...]

CD Laddering Basics

3 Oct

CD Ladder

Certificates of Deposit have long been one of the low risk investor’s favorite choices. They provide much higher interest rates than the average savings account, and yet are just as secure. Also, you are preventing yourself from ever accessing a chunk of your income unless it is in dire need, meaning you’ll always have some [...]

Mutual Funds: Professional Management for Next to Nothing

14 Sep

stock quotes

One advantage that high net worth individuals have over the rest of us is that they can pay to have a professional manage their stocks and investments for them. Those of us without the capital to do that, but don’t want to manage our own portfolio do have an option. That option is mutual funds. [...]

REIT’s: Hassle Free Real Estate Investing

29 Aug

Real Estate

Real estate investment has become a popular vehicle for investors who want to diversify their portfolios. Plenty of opportunities exist for investors to receive significant returns from real estate investments. Some aspects bring more complications with this type of investment than with stocks and bonds. Most investors appreciate the advantages of participating in a real [...]

Dividend Paying Stocks: Stable, Profitable Investments

20 Aug

When building an investment portfolio, there are many different aspects of stocks to consider. One major one that I personally look at and think that everyone should as well is dividend yield. This is especially important if you are building a portfolio that will pay you money on a semi stable basis. If you are [...]