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Early Retirement: Passive and Almost Passive Income

8 Oct

passive income

Early retirement is the ultimate example of financial independence, and is something that many of us dream about and strive for. Last time I discussed the topic, I wrote about how much you need for early retirement. And while you will definitely need a big chunk of change, you also need to know where to [...]

Early Retirement: How Much Do You Need?

26 Sep

early retirement

Early retirement, as I previously discussed, is definitely more than possible. With the right lifestyle changes, it isn’t even that complicated. But if you are thinking about going down this exciting road, a major question will immediately form: how much money will I need to safely retire and not run out in a few years? [...]

Early Retirement: Is It Possible?

10 Sep

early retirement

There is this thing that crops up on the wide worlds of the internet from time to time. Well, more like all the time. Some say it is merely a fantasy, and to disregard the people foolish enough to even bring it up. Some say they are already living in that so called “fantasy”. This [...]