The Only Real Get Rich Scheme

27 Nov

Get Rich

I have a magic two step formula that guarantees that you will build wealth. It is beautifully simple, doesn’t require too much effort, and literally anyone can use it to start becoming rich. That’s how many articles and advertisements begin across the internet and other media platforms. Sadly, most of them are scams. Sure, they [...]

What Has Two Thumbs and Doesn’t Care About Black Friday? This Guy!

15 Nov

black friday shopping

Next week, virtually every major retailer is having an event. It’s an event that happens every year, and has become a major part of our culture. Millions of Americans participate in it every year, including a former version of myself several times in the past. I am of course talking about Black Friday sales. Stores [...]

The Life Rich

9 Nov


This advice will make you rich. You’ll save lot’s of money, make way more, get insane investment returns, blah blah blah. That is the standard claim that you see in the personal finance world. Do this, have more money. And sure, some of this advice is great, and a lot of it works. But in [...]

Get a Job NOW! Free Ebook

6 Nov

Get a Job NOW

Update 2/15/2013: This book has recently been greatly expanded and updated, and is now available for Amazon Kindle here. A new book has replaced it as a free giveaway for my email subscribers, which you can read about here. I have some very exciting news to share with you all today. After weeks of writing, [...]

The Number One Way to Save Money

3 Nov


There are, of course, lots of different ways to save money. These ways are often debated as far as which one is the best, and there is definitely merit to those arguments. However, I am here to tell you that there is one way to save money that is very clearly the most effective. Not [...]

The High Risk Investment Portfolio

1 Nov

High Risk Investments

Some of us like to have more fun with our investments than a medium or low risk portfolio allows for. That or we’re just more willing to lose money in the search for crazy profits. I am one of those that likes to take a bit more risk with my investment portfolio, although that is [...]

How to Nail an Interview

30 Oct


Interviews suck. I mean, who wants to be scrutinized by a panel of people they don’t know. And that’s not counting the pressure being on you to nail the interview and get the job. That’s one attitude that people will have towards interviews. I have a very different one. In fact, I actually love giving [...]

Buying Meat Without Breaking the Bank

25 Oct


I love meat. I look at vegetarians around me (including half of my own family) and laugh about how they are missing out on one of the greatest things that will ever touch their tongues. And yet, I am a poor college student. Well not exactly poor I guess. In fact I’m way more financially [...]

Roll Like a Banker: Peer to Peer Lending

22 Oct


Banking is a brilliant business. People hand a bank all of their money, which the bank then lends out to others. Those people pay them a nice chunk of interest each month to use the money. When the person who initially gave them their money wants it back, the bank gives it to them with [...]

Commuting: The Fool’s Way of Wasting Away Money and Life

17 Oct

commuting costs

The odds are that today you either already have, or are soon going to make a commute by car to work. For most people, that is just a normal thing. Driving to your job, school, or any other daily commitment is a normal thing that all Americans do. It’s just normal. BUT WHY? Do you [...]

The Medium Risk Investment Portfolio

15 Oct

medium risk investing

For some people, a low risk investment portfolio just isn’t going to cut it. They want more potential for big gains in their portfolio, and don’t need the same level of stability that a portfolio made up mostly of bonds offers. However, they don’t want to go crazy and risk losing all of their money, [...]

Weekly Roundup #8

14 Oct

Hello and welcome to the eight weekly roundup of This Is Common Cents. Not a whole lot new this week, but my first guest post did go live at One Cent at a Time. It is all about ways to save money in college, and you can find it here. I have a few more [...]

Let Someone Else Cook For Me? Nonsense!

12 Oct


It never ceases to amaze me just how much money people are willing to shell out to sustain their bodies. I watch my friends go to restaurants for just regular, everyday meals. I won’t deny that going out to eat with a group of friends can be a lot of fun. However, it’s the eating [...]

Ladies: The Work Wardrobe You Can Afford

10 Oct

Professional Woman

The following is a guest post, and a part of the Dress to Impress series on this site. What does success look like? With pop culture, high fashion, and the professional world all pushing different visions of what a successful woman looks like and how she dresses, how can we ensure that we are presenting [...]

Early Retirement: Passive and Almost Passive Income

8 Oct

passive income

Early retirement is the ultimate example of financial independence, and is something that many of us dream about and strive for. Last time I discussed the topic, I wrote about how much you need for early retirement. And while you will definitely need a big chunk of change, you also need to know where to [...]